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Champion teams in 2023
U8s, U10 Girls, U12s, U13s, AAL,
Raahauge Cup Firsts, Premier League

What a fantastic season!

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U13%20prems.jpg AAL%20prems.jpg RC%20prems.jpg


All U13/14 & All Age Men players are welcome to attend the below trials.  
For other age groups simply register on the below links
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122102970_10158079271068402_574424681502533272_n.jpg                   McCredie juniors           McCredieprems

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Contact us by email or call 9682 7779 Association (CFA Sydney) Records  McCredie - best of the world!
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Registration 2024

To register with Guildford McCredie Uniting Soccer Club


come to

Granville Park

Cnr Woodville Rd & Claremont St, Merrylands



Sat 3rd & 10th Feb 2024

9am to 11am



click on the link below and register on line.


Under 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 17 Boys & Girls, All Age Men, Over 35s (Weds night), All Age Ladies (Weds Night)
Under 15, 16 
Under 14 Girls, Under 16 Girls 
FEES 2024
U6 - U8       $160
U9 - U18     $195
                                      All Age Ladies (Wednesday night) $100
All Age Ladies (Sunday) $325
                                                    All Age Men    $325
Over 35 (Wednesday night comp) $125


Apply for an Active Kids voucher | Service NSW
Active Kids avouchers are changing but for the remainder of this year (2023), you can still claim a $50 voucher.  Send the number to us before January 5, and you have saved $50
Club video as seen on Foxsports
Click here for 20th anniversary Booklet
Teams for 2023 Committee Members 2024
U6  CFA Sydney President Peter Warwick
U7 CFA Sydney Secretary Greg Wark
U8 Red CFA Sydney
Assistant Secretary Sarah Burrows
U8White CFA Sydney Treasurer Carolynne Wark
U9 Red CFA Sydney Registrar Carolynne Wark
U9 White CFA Sydney Ladies Representative Elise Burrows
U10 Red CFA Sydney
Club Coach William Wark
U10 White CFA Sydney Councillors to CFA Sydney Elise Burrows, Wil Wark
U10 Girls - Saturday CFA Sydney Delegates to GDSFA Alex Chen, Peter Warwick
U11 Red CFA Sydney Groundsman Ian Warwick
U11 White CFA Sydney Equipment manager Pam Abdou
U12 Red CFA Sydney Fundraising Coordinator Mabel Chen
U12 White  CFA Sydney Committee Member Gemma Brettle
U12 Girls - Saturday
CFA Sydney
U13 Red CFA Sydney
U13 White CFA Sydney
U13 Onyx CFA Sydney
U13 Div 1 GDSFA
U14 Girls  Phoenix League
All Age Ladies (Wednesday night) CFA Sydney
Over 35s (Wednesday night) CFA Sydney
Raahauge Cup (Firsts and Reserves) CFA Sydney
Premier League (Firsts and Reserves) CFA Sydney
          McCredie juniors making international debuts in 2019
           Left - Mohammed Rahimi plays World Cup qualifiers for Afghanistan; Right - Martin Lo plays Olympic qualifiers for Vietnam